“Ever since the invention of the sublimely simple mechanism called a camera, the boffins have done their damnedest to complicate it.”—Bob Carlos Clarke

I’m a London-based amateur photographer with a passion for vintage photography. I work with medium and large format film and traditional darkroom and print techniques to recreate and re-interpret photography in the style of the pioneers.

I’m inspired by many photographers past and present, including: Ernest Bellocq, Jean Angelou, Julian Mandel, Joel-Peter Witkin, Sally Mann, Sarah Moon and Paolo Roversi, as well as the Pre-Raphaelite artists.

My blog focuses on photographic history, techniques and my own shoots. Feel free to share my posts using the social media buttons but please note that all of the images on this site are Copyright me and must not be used for any purpose or saved or redistributed without my permission. Please feel free to add your comments to my posts. To avoid spam, all comments are moderated and may not appear immediately.

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photography by Guy Bisson

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You can view references from models I have worked with here:
References on Purpleport
References on Purestorm

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